1998 – 2018

20 years ago today, I launched the label LAB’ORATOIRE with a 1st release of my 1st band.
If you’re over 30, 1998 reminds you of things but otherwise probably nothing special so let me summarize.
In 1998, you’ve never released a record, you look for information. Internet ? At that time in France you got about 2% of the population connected, 56k #nointernet
In 1998 you got no home studio (you cant upload on soundcloud your last productions) so you are looking for a studio to record and mix, and as you got a small budget, you prepare for weeks.
You need an art work, but nobody around you is equipped with photoshop or equivalent so you look for weeks for someone to help you.
1998, no internet, so we release physical records, mainly in CD, but also in vinyl even if the music industry tried to kill in the early 90s.
Promotion: In 1998, there are no unlimited phone packages. You got your 1 ° cell phone that looks like a big walkie talkie and a 1h per month. So you use your land line but you pay for communication so every time you call a journalist or a radio and you are asked to call later, you think “shiiitt Ive lost 50 cents.
In 1998 you don’t have a beautiful excel board with all your contacts on your laptop (actually you don’t own a laptop) but you have a nice little binder with hand written notes & contacts that you’ve found in a professional book.
In 1998 you buy a fax that you put at the end of your bed hoping to receive indie radio play-list feedbacks.
In 1998 you do not necessarily have a distributor but you can still put your records in your car trunk and sell them straight to the record stores.
In 1998 you have no social networks, you can not just clash someone on Instagram to create a buzz, so you do some street promo with flyers and posters, and especially stickers (#vandal) you know it’s forbidden but you got no choice (#adrenaline)
In 1998 you are not played on commercial radio because they are commercial radios. You are not chronicled by most journalists in the press because you are not hype, proof that the years pass but some things don’t change
20 years of independence, 20 years of resistance, thank you all for the support over the years & projects and see you soon for new adventures