Really happy to announce the release of my new album “By Any Beats Necessary”. The title references the Malcolm X phrase “By Any Means Necessary”, which was in turn inspired by Sartre’s play “Dirty Hands”. Without going too deep into politics, for me this reflects the will to use any type of sounds and textures to get to something musical. The word ‘Beat’ also draws a line towards the Beat Generation, Kerouac’s famous “On The Road” novel, and this quest for a better elsewhere. And so, in this time when each of us needs a little escape, I conceptualized this album as a sort of soundtrack to a road trip among the great expanses.

I invited quite a few guests for this new opus, and I want to thank them for hopping on board. I never thought when I came across the Wu Tang Clan over 20 years ago that I would one day get to work with Ghostface Killah, whom I consider to be the gatekeeper of the shaolin temple, and yes he participated to the album. I’m thrilled to have managed to convince Tricky to come to a studio in Paris and record a duet with my longtime acomplice Charlotte Savary. Very proud to have recorded “The Road is Ruff” with Lee Fields in New York – a title which very well could have been the album’s. I took the opportunity while in the US to record a song with my faithful friend Sara Genn. I want to thank the legendary R.A. The Rugged Man for crossing mics with his protege A-F-R-O and Token, two teenagers that I’m sure are future greats. I also got two talents such as Raashan Ahmad and Mattic together on a track for the first time. Am I cannot wait for you to get to know IDIL, a young singer from France whose first album I will soon produce. To finish, let me thank musicians Benjamin Bouton, Marine Thibault & Mathieu Detton for participating in the recording as well as Julien Depardieu, Leonard Mule and Jeremy Henry.

Album will be released oct 14 & available for pre-order this friday in Europe, august 29 for North America, with a 2CD Digipocket (album+instrumentals) version & a Vinyl Gatefold Deluxe 2LP (colored vinyls). For any pre-order before oct 9 on (& if you ask for it) I’ll dedicate your copy of the album (CD or vinyl).