I’ve never clashed Drake or any people…
I’ve done no sex tape, there ain’t no kittens or illuminatis in my videos, I have no secret of childhood or other personal history to deliver to the trash tabloids, but despite this desert that seems to be my life in 2016, I’m releasing “By Any Beats Necessary” my new album today 😉
More seriously, it’s the big day. An album release is always a mixture of feelings between relief & apprehension. Months of work, a part of intimate revealed to everybody & that you don’t control anymore. I’m proud of this album, I think I managed with the artists who trusted me to put in music the images I had in mind. Hoping this album will be a good companion, you can stream or order it here :

thanks in advance for sharing, I still believe that word to mouth is the best weapon for indie projects. Thanks for your support & see you soon on the road during the tour !!